Amended Tax Return

No one is perfect. You might leave a W-2 off your tax return, you might forget to claim a credit, or you might forget to take a deduction you are entitled to.  We will help you file amended returns for both your federal and state income tax returns if needed.

Amended Return FAQs

  1. Q - Do I need to file an amended tax return?
    A - You only need to file an amended tax return if the original return that was accepted by the IRS and/or State needs to be changed. 
    Example # 1: You filed your 1040 to the IRS and it was accepted. The next week you receive another W-2 in the mail. The only way for you to update the originally accepted 1040 with the IRS is to AMEND that tax return and add the income.
    Example # 2: You filed your 1040 to the IRS claiming yourself as an exemption and that return was accepted. You later find that your parents wanted to claim you as a dependent on their tax return. The only way for them to be able to claim your exemption now is if you AMEND your return and indicate that you can be claimed as a dependent.
  2. Q - Can amended returns be e-filed?
    A - Amended returns cannot be e-filed. Even if they are amended in the current filing year the only way to amend a tax return is to mail the forms to the IRS for paper processing.
  3. Q - How long do I have to file an amended return?
    A - You have 3 years to file an amended tax return. 
    Example: You just e-filed your 2017 tax return and realize you did not claim a credit on your 2015 tax return. You can still amend that 2015 tax return however; you can only amend that return if it is mailed BY April 15, 2018. If it was your 2014 tax return that you forgot to claim the credit on, you would be unable to file that amended return. It has been longer than 3 years.
  4. Q - How long does it take for an amended return to be processed?
    A - An amended return takes 12 to 16 weeks to process by the IRS.
  5. Q - How can I check the status of my amended return?
    A - You must make direct contact with the IRS on the processing of your amended return at 1-800-829-1040, or go to, under Where is my Amendment. Tax Mart will have no information on the processing of your amended tax return.

Q - How do I amend my State tax return?
A - To amend your State tax return, the Federal return would need to be amended. If the values do not affect the refund or amount due for your Federal return, then you do not have to mail the forms to the IRS however.  Mail all the forms related to the changes to your state for processing.

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