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Tax Mart Community Service
Goal-To partner with organizations globally that 
 provide Shelter, Feed, Educate, and Provide Healthcare to Children .
 Empower Single Women and High School Dropouts.
 Restore the Lost American Dreams for Single Parents who lose their homes through
deaths, divorces and circumstances beyond their control.
Tax Mart partners with organizations locally in the USA and internationally in Africa, to provide
a family environment to vulnerable children, orphaned, abused and disabled; single and widowed
women and senior citizens by providing critical services, like housing, food, clothing, healthcare
and education. We also counsel and educate them to recognize and report abuse and neglect.
Through these organizations, we will build child-centered Vision Hope Centers in the developing third world. At
these centers orphans, vulnerable children, widows, single parents and seniors find hope, support
and empowerment to reach their fullest God-given potential. Effective programs and passionate
volunteers dedicate their time to help children who have lost both parents due to the devastating
AIDS Epidemic, vulnerable children, widowed or single women, and neglected seniors, move
out of poverty, oppressive family situations and provide them with all the bare necessities needed
to live a normal life.
Our Vison Families program identifies parents who can be groomed, counselled and couched to
foster Vision Orphaned and vulnerable children and provide them with a descent home
environment that allows the parent to guide the children through education, health, child and
youth skills development, morals development which include spiritual enrichment and
counselling. At VHC families are taught how to respect themselves and others, talents are
identified and opportunity doors opened for every child. The ultimate goal is to break poverty
cycles through educating the child from early childhood, empowering widowed and single
women with self-help skills for financial independence and jobs, family strengthening, and
assisting seniors to age with dignity.
Vision Hope Center Goromonzi, Zimbabwe
Located in a rural town located about 50 kilometers from the capital city of Harare, in the small
landlocked country of Zimbabwe, is the pilot program of the Vision Global Foundation. When
completed, the center should have an Early Childhood Development Center, Elementary and
High School, Vocational College that specializes in Technology, Music and Performing Arts,
Communications, Agriculture, and Health Sciences. There will also be a Children’s’ Medical
Clinic which will provide the basic health screenings for killer diseases that can be
controlled by education, diseases like Hypertension, Diabetics, Cholesterol, Obesity, AIDS,
Sexually transmitted diseases, and many more. Water is the life, therefore Water supply locations
equipped with wells or boreholes should also be part of the centers to meet very basic needs of
families who live there and the nearby communities. Last but not least, there will be a worship
center, which promotes freedom of religion, to help instill the moral values that are quickly disappearing from communities.
In the USA, VGF partners with Restore My Dream, a minority woman owned nonprofit
organization, to provide single and widowed parents, the education and resources to allow them
to own homes again after their American dream of home ownership is shattered by death,
divorce, job loss or any unfortunate situation beyond their control. RMD provides credit
education & counselling, financial & technical education, GED for High School drop outs, and
short term loans & microfinancing for self-help projects and small businesses. RMD is also a
referral partner for troubled and homeless children and seniors who want to continue living in a
home setting as opposed to going a nursing home.
Please help us make a difference in children’s lives, get involved, visit the Vision Hope Center

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